Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Welcoming 2015

If someone told you that life was going to be easy they lied. If someone told you life would be crazy, exciting, super hard, emotional, but most of all fun they would have told you the truth. There is so many more things that I could add to that list but to save you lots of more reading so I'll leave it there 2014 brought tears, laughter, patients, friends, and lots and lots of God time  but most of all it was good! I'm not sure how the whole blog thing is going to go but I am excited to see where it leads. but before I get started on everything I guess I should tell the people that don't know me a little about myself. First I am 1 of 4 children  there are 3 girls and 1 very annoying (at times) very strong and confident smart crazy loving brother. You see I can say all that about him because no one would disagree with that and my sisters would agree whole heartedly. My sweet crazy brother flipped our lives upside down when he enlisted into the military to go and protect us with his life and WE could not be any more excited to see where God is going to take his life. WE  are also so very proud of him and what he is doing. He is also the FIRST one to go and leave the state of Arkansas to live. my sister and her husband live across tow from us and hopefully will bless us with some more babies in the near future. She is a hair dresser  in Greenwood  and that's on top of being a origami owl  consultant a FOG (focus on Greenwood) member, and so many more thing. She takes after our mother and believes that she needs to 1,000 things in a day or its not complete.  Melanie blessed us with the first two little ones Rylee and Eden they are 7 and 9 and they are our pride and joy if you couldn't tell by the pictures that are everywhere on our facebooks. Cj not only turned our world upside down  he also was the first one that moved out of Greenwood and out of the state of Arkansas. Yes we all live in the same town most of us in the same house. I live with 7 other people with a grand total of 9  ranging from 84 to 7 and we all love each other but let me say that God definitely helps use the patients that he has already blessed us with. That's where my girls come in there is a mighty fine list of my girl support group and you will hear a lot about all of them. So let me introduce them to you

Tonia, This lady has had the privilege to watch me grow from a little girl to the women I am today but don't think that she just sits back and watches me grow nope she has her hands in my life in way that she doesn't even know! She is full of encouragement  strength love and most of all advice. I always know its about to get deep when she bows her head and uses a soft tone to say Gabby now you have to do what best for you that sentence come out and I know I just opened a can of worms that I can't close. I love her to the moon and back and couldn't get through things with out her. OH did I mention that she is the nursery minister at church and that I get to work under he on Wednesdays. And I love every min. of it she rocks her job and loves everyone of her kids that walks through the door. I tease her about having my kids one day and she just laughs we have a blast together and I cant wait to see where God leads this relationship.

Lyndi, oh man well this lady and her family in my life around 2 years ago when I had her oldest sin in preschool. I had no idea from the time that I had her son that we would end up where we are today. And just like tonia she has her ways of putting me right back into the place that I need to be. She also is trying to play match maker lol but hey whose complaining?..? She has doesn't put her head down to look at me  she just looks me square in the eye and says GABBY (firmly not yelling) why did/do you do that. Well I don't know lyndi if I did do you honestly think that I would do it? so then she just starts in I complain 99.9% of the time but he just shakes her head and keeps going until I finally admit that she is right and take her advice. Cause 99.9% she hit the nail right on the head with what she is telling me! Also like Tonia I can't  wait to see where God takes our relationship
p.s I will probably say that about each one of them.

Tonya, Well this relationship started at the football field and grew to one that I treasure with my whole heart! Even though she ditched me for Texas but on the good side she give me a getaway from Arkansas when I need it. She is one of the few people that I can sit on the phone with for hours and just talk about EVERYTHING and she sits listens and then starts with the advice. She is another  reason my sanity is in tacked.

Sydney, Woo now me and her God has given us a bond that would probably take something so drastic that life would end to end this friendship she has  been around through the toughest situations and yet she's still around! My great single friend that hangs around no matter what I swear that we have watched some if the same friends and new friends get married and yet we are still pretty happy being single together! Even though it may be 6 7 8 months when we actually get to talk to each other we pick up from where we left off the last time and we keep going. Ha she even likes to scare me of pictures with an engagement rings or makes a board on pinterest  of baby things and scares the living daylights out of me for not telling me I still love her. And she sticks around for who knows what reason but like I said we have been through some rough patches and made it through! High school cough cough.. I can not wait to see what God throws our way.

Hannah, HA who would have thought that when we met our relationship would end up where it was? Not me but I love where God has lead it and continues to lead it. Guys can I just say that this girl is crazy, funny and well just plum loveable. I could pretty much go on all day about how much this girl is a blessing to me but you don't have all day! Though she is very smart I mean the girl is going to school to be an paralegal for heavens sake after she went for some art school. not anybody can just go for those two things back to back. guys did I tell you that she is getting married next year! WOOOOO  super excited  for that and the wedding plans bring it on I cant wait to see what's in store for that! I can not wait to see where God takes our relationship and to se how much our relationship will grow!

Last but certainly not least is Christen, God brought her into my life almost a year ago and has used her in my life so much. She probably get annoyed with me 90% of the time but she doesn't show it. She also help me with the baby therapy when I need it aka I really go to see her babies and end up venting everything out and getting just the right dose of welp what are you going to do about it? Then she is probably on of the very few people that know what I go through with my brother since she has a brother in the military also though she is much stronger that I am in that area! Well technically  she is stronger than me in every aspect of life I mean the girl is raising 3 kids takes care of her husband works and she is writing a book and she is usually reading a book or 2 or 3.The girl is super women and I make a point to tell her every once in a while. She helps Hannah and I out and probably herself with girl time once a month with project life coffee and chocolate. Most of the time we don't get much done because we sit around talk and watch some sort of move ( mostly Disney which we love) so the project life gets abandon some times.  She also gave me my new found love of reading and introduced me to one of my favorite authors. With 41 books done and many many more to go I have her to thank for my new found hobby. Christen is a wonderful women of God with a crazy husband and 3 adorable children and well super women! I cant wait to see what God brings us in 2015 and beyond.

That is my girl support group and as important as they are my main squeeze and main support group is God and without him my girl support group would not be and my family would not be and I would not be. He is the only reason anything that goes on in my life and as much I don't understand it 100% of the time he does and he knows exactly what he is doing and he doesn't make a mistake  in anything.  One of the things that I will work on in 2015 is trying  to have God take control of the things that I cant control instead of taking control myself. Without god NOTHING in possible but WITH  him ALL things are possible. now if I can make myself step aside and not worry about absolutely everything that comes my way life would be 1,000 times easier. So as far as my new years resolution it goes like that!  Please stay tuned to see if I conquer  my new years resolution or if I fail and I so hope I succeed. Also stay tuned to see how crazy exciting my life will be this year!
 I leave you with some pictures and some faces that I talked about.

These are all I have on my computer  but see facebook for more,